HUP AG returns to in house IT

Date: 31.08.2015 | Author: Alexander Kiszelya

HUP AG and LINET Services GmbH separated on 1st September 2015.

As a result HUP will run the IT department which was out sourced 2006 to LINET in house again and retires as associate. HUP was holding 52 percent of LINET’s shares.

The reasons for this step are diverging corporate directions. LINET will focus on its key business as a regional IT supplier in Brunswick area. Whereas HUP is the new regional, national and international “one source one service”-provider for media companies and online solutions. Running the IT in house helps us to speed up processes by using and expanding our existing knowledge.

Ulf Henke, chairman of the board of directors at HUP AG: „The separartion is a friendly mutual agreement. Our customers demand a strong partner who can provide all relevant services first hand and who is able to assist with special know how when it is necessary. Moreover, the development of mobile and online solutions requires shorter paths in our internal organization.“