Goslarsche Zeitung takes up speed with HUP Subscriptions & Logistics

Date: 07.04.2016 | Author: Alexander Kiszelya

Starting March 2016 the „Goslarsche Zeitung“ which is published by Karl Krause GmbH & Co. KG runs its business with the latest version of HUP „Abo & Vertrieb“. Deliveries, wage accounting and reader travels are organized using centralized software products by HUP.

The publisher was already running a solution provided by HUP. The update brings lots of new features and improvements as well as speed and resource optimized workflows. By applying the update the company made itself „PS ready“ as they can now gain access to the brand new web-based HUP portal and app solutions.

The „Goslarsche Zeitung“ ( was first published in 1783 and has a coverage of 90.000 readers with over 23.000 copies. The Karl Krause GmbH also publishes the weekly „Extra am Mittwoch“ with over 72.000 copies.

Dirk Westenberger, CMO at HUP AG: „It’s a very positive sign for other medium sized publishers, to see how the Goslarsche Zeitung gets itself ready for the future by using a future proof software solution. The optimization reduces efforts as well as costs. Additionally the automated and therefore accelerated and improved customer servicing increases customer satisfaction.“