Achieve goals faster with the industry driving force!
HUP AG is a market leading software company and operates with a unique overall portfolio nationally and internationally. As a driving force in various industries, HUP AG focusses on publishers as well as media houses and companies (from, amongst others, Germany, Holland, South Africa, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland and Israel) and enables smooth, automated production of content, products and services.
Using increasingly browser-based solutions, constructed by HUP AG's own development team, all processes and workflows are accelerated, error- and cost-optimised, and transcribed across media. So you achieve goals faster!

More HUP, fewer costs.
For HUP AG it is a goal, that each customer, through the cross linking of decades of know-how with high levels of innovation, is always at the cutting edge - and remains that way. So HUP designed the media and the workplace of tomorrow in many organisations. Our responsibilities range from the coordination of cross-media workflows between editorships and sales teams, to subscription management, through to human resource management.
In addition, control of all production, logistics, sales and marketing processes is today already optimised by HUP AG software solutions. The experienced HUP team adapts all solutions to specific partner needs.
Currently over 400 clients benefit from HUP employees' established service quality - before, during, and after implementation of the software - and with that, the high sustainability of all solutions. Accordingly, the success of a HUP software investment is already measurable in the medium term, and an indispensable basis for a successful future.

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