About HUP AG

"As a quality leader in IT solutions, HUP has assumed a great responsibility;
which often concerns nothing less, than the future of our customers. For this reason, we work each and every day, to be even better than expected."

Ulf Henke, CEO of HUP AG

HUP AG - Your compass for innovative media technology

As a driving force behind the publishing industry, HUP AG offers a uniquely comprehensive portfolio of software solutions under one roof.

For over 25 years we have provided more than 300 customers with software solutions for advertising, distribution, subscription & logistics, editing, page layout, book, magazine and payroll accounting, also delivering opportunities to increase efficiency such as customised workflow automation, and ensuring a customised implementation with.the established HUP publishing service.

Our philosophy is based on development and advancement of HUP products on the simple principle, of being able to offer the best product in the market. We achieve this by either continuously improving our own products, or through acquisition and integration of the best solution on the market.

So our customers reach their goal faster and assure parameters such as continuity, the sense of something special, long-term planning and high quality. The HUP AG locations are Braunschweig (headquarters) as well as Mainz, Leipzig, Coswig, and Berlin.


Our core competency at a glance:
- Consulting, demand analysis, concepts
- Programming, customizing
- Data migration
- Implementation, Project Management
- Training
- Hardware consulting
- Long term service features